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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Compaction Yamaha Byson vs New Honda Megapro 2010: Review

Adalah hal yang sangat menarik untuk membandingkan dua motor sport jagoan masing-masing pabrikan, apalagi setelah diberi kesempatan untuk test drive, Byson dari yamaha dan new Mega Pro dari honda yang mempunyai cc berimbang 153cc vs 149 cc

From the Design

Yamaha Byson already applying the concept of a more muscular and are consistent with the results of my survey about sportz bike in 2007. It is characterized by features / characteristics using 41mm fork, a larger tank condoms, the use 120/70-17 rear tire. Whereas

New Honda Megapro trying to also compensate by providing greater Shroud just love tank is still relatively small. Also factor Shroud gray color is not the same color as the tank and this slightly reduces the effect of fracture. Seeing the design factor, it can be said that Yamaha Byson superior to Honda’s New Megapro

Riding Style Position

Two motorcycle riding position has a different style … and I see it as two different flow …!

Yamaha Byson using ‘fat’ bar ‘look was more stout. Riding in style I like to bring similar Byson Yamaha brings Ducati Monster. For me personally it is not a problem, but for beginners must be a bit different. when interviewing a community of bikers from Yamaha, a bit of trouble and he thinks he is not fit to be taken daily. But for other bikers who have used the motor man, felt the incredible sensation, so here is very dependent of bikers riding style itself.

In contrast to the New Honda Megapro, his riding style very Forgiveness aka really easy to ride. This is because a different form than the Yamaha handlebar Byson. Indeed, if asked to bring a sensation like moge not get on this bike. but for the daily traffic jams, like dark-skid, going here and there pharynx-buckling New Honda Megapro more easily controlled. If asked who is this factor that will excel? honestly i would say the consumer will be divided. since each consumer has a preference and individual needs. So if these factors according to the needs and desires of consumers.

Acceleration and Performance

If you look at the spec / performance claim against the manufacturer of each motor as a second course something like this bike. However, when talking with fellow Bloggers testing.

Seen both in acceleration or performance of the New Honda Megapro looks more superior than the Yamaha Byson. New Honda Megapro acceleration is very responsive. it is suspected caused by several things, among others:

  1. material the use of lighter pistons and stronger
  2. the use of materials beyond the point of center of gravity which is lighter
  3. No use of catalytic converters are great.

So for this factor is Honda’s New Megapro Byson superior to Yamaha.

Handling factor

Talking about the handling, I think both are good enough. Pls help but asked WHO is more superior, superior Byson Could say Yamaha. I felt a degree of stability Which is more than the New Honda Megapro. Maybe this is not surprising given under the point of center of gravity placed Catalytic converter boxes weighing 5kg, so That the bike is more stable, Besides That the use of the size 120/70-17 rear tire looks increasingly solid in handling. Indeed the use of catalytic converters and tires size, must be paid by a relatively slower performance than on their competitors on Is the New Honda Megapro.

Price or Value Factor

Despite the difference in price but the value looks relatively balanced between New Honda Megapro with Yamaha Byson. Although slightly more expensive Yamaha Byson, but obtained a catalytic converter that can not be considered cheap, and then obtain a wide fork and rear tubeless tires are wider. Conversely Honda New Megapro also offers features that have rear brake disc brake, shutter key to safer, superior acceleration and more ready availability of goods.



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